What really matters in Egypt…

“Members of the Muslim Brotherhood’s parliamentary bloc focussed [sic] all their attention to national security issues and vital issues of the nation, such as the cause of Palestine, the issue of SouthSudan and Darfur, the headwaters of the Nile, and the problems of Iraq, Somalia and Afghanistan, believing that Egypt’s national security will only be achieved by carrying out its role in the Arab and Islamic region, in response to the Zionist and American plots and plans.”

From the Election Program of Egypt’s “Freedom and Justice Party,” summarizing some of the achievements of the Muslim Brotherhood’s parliamentary bloc 2005-2010.

Egyptians will be voting for more of the same – and they will get more of the same… It won’t feed them, it won’t educate them, it won’t help them to build a brighter future – but who needs all that when you can always blame your problems on “Zionist and American plots and plans”?!?


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