Quote of the day

In the meantime, people puzzled by widespread American popular support for Israel need to take a long hard look at Hezbollah. Over and over again, the most vitriolic enemies of Israel turn out to be hypocritical slimeballs: think of Butcher Assad, Hezbollah’s close ally and patron next door. At the same time, there are reports that Iranian and Venezuelan diplomats plotted cyberattacks against US targets including nuclear power plants. Israel’s enemies are determined, unscrupulous enemies of the United States as well, and as long as this is so, public opinion is going to see Israel as an embattled ally worthy of support.

Walter Russell Mead in a comment on a New York Times report on the “murky” – that is to say Mafia-style – sources of Hezbollah’s plentiful funds. Mead’s reference to “Butcher Assad” seems almost too polite when you read this sickening report on “Syria’s torture machine.”


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