Quote of the day

When you get three offers of a state in less than ten years, and turn all three down (the modern equivalent of the “Three Nos”), the problem is deeper than what Abbas disingenuously describes as the “Long Overdue Palestinian State.” It does not relate to the specifics of the offers, or to an alleged deficiency in decision-making instincts. The problem is an inherent inability to recognize a Jewish state, or defensible borders, or an end-of-claims agreement — and the inherent instability of a society that still lacks even the minimal institutions necessary for a democratic state.

Rick Richman at Commentary’s blog Contentions. The links in this quote are worthwhile reading; in addition, there is a related must-read piece by Greg Sheridan in The Australian; here are a few of his observations:

Spending time in Israel is dangerous because it is impossible to reconcile the evidence of your eyes with the accepted international narrative about Israel. In the international media, Israel is presented as militarist, right-wing, oppressive. In fact it is the only pluralist democracy in the Middle East, the only nation where women’s rights — and gay rights — are protected. It has a vibrant Left wing, a cacophonous democracy and an innovative economy.

The vast majority of Israelis would love to be rid of the Palestinians and their territories if they could be confident they would get peace and security in return. […]

[…] all across the Middle East, the big winner is the Muslim Brotherhood. Partly as a result, the Brotherhood is in great flux internally. But on one thing the Brotherhood is absolutely clear, its constant and comprehensive demonising and delegitimising of Israel. These newly empowered forces would denounce and fatally undermine any serious Palestinian compromise with Israel.

This is perhaps a good time to recall that it was a year ago when Al Jazeera and the Guardian also tried to undermine the peace process by leaking the so-called “Palestine Papers”, which – according to the Guardian – showed a “craven” willingness for compromise on the Palestinian side… Unsurprisingly, the “craven” Palestinian concessions were largely imaginary.

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