Quote of the day

All these years, Arab MKs have traveled to seek the favor of the Syrian ruler who is now butchering his people. They sat with the killer-leader, soaking up his every word, and after all that, there isn’t a single voice among them saying “Enough bloodshed.” […]

I remember October 2000, when 13 Israeli Arab citizens were shot dead by the security forces. The whole country trembled from the demonstrations in the Galilee and in Wadi Ara […]

And here we are, in the days of “spring” that have turned into a horrifying winter, and all I hear is the most popular MK in Jewish society, Dr. Ahmed Tibi, taking the podium to read, with unusual fervor, a feuilleton about a wacko racist MK from Yisrael Beiteinu. How brave! How sharp!

He knows that this is idle chatter and a distraction, because today another hundred were slaughtered, not by malicious Jews but by the hands of his own people. But there is no outcry. Neither he nor anyone else from the Arab civil leadership took to the podium to add his voice to the world’s demand to stop the killing.

 Eliezer Yaari, Syria crisis reveals hypocrisy of Israel’s Arab MKs.

Let me add to this a quote from an article published in May 2010 in The National (Abu Dhabi) by Jonathan Cook, yet another writer who has made a career of demonizing Israel (while residing in Nazareth).

NAZARETH // Six Arab members of the Israeli parliament returned last week from a visit to Libya at the personal invitation of its leader, Muammer Qadafi, to a storm of protest in Israel, including threats to prosecute them and bar them from standing in future elections. The delegation of 39 public figures from Israel’s Arab minority, who were flown to Tripoli on Mr Qadafi’s private plane last weekend, had requested the visit in the hope of breaking their isolation in the Arab world. […]

“Israel forced us into a political and cultural ghetto for decades and is targeting us because we are breaking out of this abnormal situation by engaging with the Arab nation to which we belong,” said Haneen Zoubi, one of the MPs in the delegation. […]

They were later hosted by Mr Qadafi in Sirte, his hometown and the venue of the Arab League summit. Calling them “Arabs of ’48” – a reference to the fact that they were part of the Palestinian people until Israel’s creation in 1948 – Mr Qadafi told the delegation last Sunday that they had been invited because “I want the world to hear you”. In comments widely reported in the Israeli media, the Libyan leader warned that Israel’s actions were pushing it “to the edge of the precipice” and that the West’s pursuit of a two-state solution, as opposed to a single binational state, was “stupid and unrealistic”.

He added that the Arab minority should concentrate on having more babies to defeat Zionism, arguing that a “human explosion is stronger than nuclear weapons” […]

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