With lies against Israel

Avi Mayer documented today how so-called pro-Palestinian activists on Twitter spread lies about invented Israeli atrocities:

IsraellyCool has a post with the relevant information about the photos in question, documenting that both photos are several years old and have nothing to do with the current Israeli response to the rocket barrage from Gaza and that the little injured girl was the victim of an accident.

Long after the photos were shown to be old, irrelevant and misleading, one pro-Palestinian activists finally suggested that it was time to stop spreading lies, and this tweet was retweeted by Ali Abunimah:

However, Doherty/bangpound did so perpetuating the lie that the little girl was killed by Israeli bombs: he linked to an old post of the “Angry Arab,” i.e. Asad AbuKhalil, Professor of political science at California State University, Stanislaus:

No, this is not Zionism — these are just some of the endlessly repeated Palestinian lies about Zionism.


It turns out that the person who originally tweeted the photo of the badly injured girl and claimed that this was “another child killed by Israel” happens to work for the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) – and guess what her job is? Information and Media Coordinator… (EXPOSED: UN Media Official Responsible for False Photo Tweet)

I also wanted to link to another recent fake anti-Israel photo that went viral a few weeks ago and was exposed by blogger Omar Dakhane: it’s again a photo of a “Palestinian” girl lying on the ground, with an “Israeli” soldier about to stomp on her – all courtesy of a 2009 street theater performance in Bahrain.

6 responses to “With lies against Israel

  1. It’s sad to see that even the Arab “intellectuals” give a hand to the lies spreading machine.

    Thank you guys for uncovering that, and all the best wishes to the citizens of Southern Israel.

  2. There is a desperation here. They feel that nobody believes that they are suffering this time because the strikes are so targeted & limited.

    In addition to what you have listed there are the usual stories that are peddled. You can list them without effort: brutal soldiers, orphaned children, bombed milk factories (I always thought milk was made by cows but it’s different in the ME) etc

  3. Margie in Tel Aviv – ‘There is a desperation here.’

    Yes. That is how I see the situation at the moment. The ‘freedom fighters’ are being picked off in ones and twos with hardly any collateral. The 12 year old was approaching a missile launching site that was attacked by Israeli counter measures.

    The militants are goading Hamas to join the fray but, Hamas see the danger quite clearly. Israel has good counter measures now that make ‘freedom fighting’ a very, very dangerous profession. Almost lethal in fact.

  4. TY Petra once again. Timely, accurate, to the point, and certainly worthwhile to share.

  5. No wonder the Angry Arab (As’ad AbuKhalil) was pissed at me for exposing propaganda fake images; he was the one spreading them.

    • Yeah, he is a pathetic figure, and as you say in one of your posts, it’s quite amazing to think that he is teaching at a reputable university in the US — filling the heads of his students with empty propaganda. On a Syrian opposition blog, he was recently characterized as the “Lousy Arab”…

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