Quote of the day

“At a time when the prospects of a negotiated settlement to the conflict between Jews and Arabs in Palestine are dim, the desire of liberal Jews outside of Israel “to do something” is understandable. But the desire to do something cannot justify doing something wrong.

The Zionist left should focus on keeping the conditions for a two-state solution alive. But to do so, all the major obstacles on the road to peace need be addressed. The settlements in the West Bank are an obstacle to peace but, as far as obstacles go, the settlements rank a distant fifth to Arab rejection of the legitimacy of the Jewish claim to any part of the land of Israel, to the systematic inflation of the number of Palestinians refugees, to the hawking of illusion of a “right of return” and to shameful Arab incitement.”

Einat Wilf in the Huffington Post, responding to Peter Beinart’s recent proposal for a boycott of Israeli settlements. The whole piece is worth reading, because Wilf shines a harsh spotlight on some of the most important but least talked about reasons why an Israeli-Palestinian peace deal has proven so elusive. Wilf is a Member of Knesset with a very impressive CV; additional information about her and her writings (including two books) as well as her political activities is available on her website.

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