Max Blumenthal’s Halloween

Anti-Israel activist Max Blumenthal likes to complain that he doesn’t understand why he is so often accused of antisemitism. Tonight, he posted this tweet:

MB Halloween fascist kippaIf this tweet is not antisemitic, then the (hypothetical) one below is not Islamophobic:

MB Halloween fascist hijab

For those not familiar with the people pictured: the photo tweeted by Blumenthal shows hard-right Likud Knesset member Moshe Feiglin (who is wearing a kippah); the other photo shows Maryam Mohammad Yousif Farhat, a Hamas member who won a seat in the Palestinian legislative election in 2006 and was popularly known as Umm Nidal (wearing a hijab). I’m aware that some people would protest that this implies an unfair equation of a controversial right-wing politician with a frighteningly fanatic supporter of terrorism. But whether or not this comparison is fair, it highlights Blumenthal’s hypocrisy all the more starkly: he and his fans obviously see nothing wrong with ridiculing a right-wing Jewish politician wearing a kippah as having a “fascist” Halloween costume, but they would furiously attack anyone who taunted an ardent hijab-clad supporter of Hamas terrorism for wearing a fascist Halloween costume as a despicable Islamophobe.

Despite his well-documented record of antisemitism – which has earned him fans wherever there are Jew-haters – Blumenthal is currently in Oslo to address a “Globalisation conference” organized by the Norwegian Social Forum, which describes itself as “working for a world where concern for people, society and the environment is more important than economic profit.” Hopefully he is the only speaker there who has fans among neo-Nazis, white supremacists and racist conspiracy theorists and spends his free time posting antisemitic tweets from Oslo.

4 responses to “Max Blumenthal’s Halloween

  1. peterthehungarian

    There is only one small problem: Without economic profit financing the concern for people, society, environment and organizing conferences about the subject would be pretty hard …The participants must have a very deep understanding of social economic and political processes. I’m sure most of them are lecturers, professors and students who somehow skipped the elementary school.

  2. Brian Goldfarb

    But not everyone on the left is interested in Blumenthal’s ramblings. According to The Algemeiner,, the main opposition party in the German Bundestag (Die Linke – the successor to the old East German Communist Party) has cancelled a party seminar in which he was to have been a star attraction.

    Clearly, even old-time Communists have standards!

    • As I already said on Twitter re. this rare piece of good news: let’s see the glass half full and hope that there still are left-overs of the good old decent left who wouldn’t want to mark Kristallnacht by listening to someone who has many well-deserved fans wherever there are Jew-haters

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