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Distortion of the day

“There is a tyrannical order in the Arab world . . . in place since 1979 . . . the year Egypt was forced by the United States to sign a peace treaty with Israel.”

Ah, that’s why – at least according to As’ad AbuKahlil, a political science professor at California State University, Stanislaus, during a “teach-in” on the “Arab Spring” at the University of California, Berkeley, as reported in “The ‘Angry Arab’ Goes Mad.”

The title refers to AbuKahlil’s blog “The Angry Arab” – and here’s a little taste of the professor’s anger: In a recent comment on the efforts of Israeli officials to reach Arab audiences via social media, the professor opined that this was just “dumb propaganda from Israel,” noting with ostensible satisfaction:

“Has there been an attempt by Israeli occupation propagandists to communicate with Arabs in Arabic in which there was no avalanche of the most obscene curse phrases in Arabic directed at Israelis? I merely posted this item on twitter, and the reactions by Arabs was uniform: a competition to share the worst Arabic obscenities with the prime minister of the Zionist usurping entity.”

You see, it’s simply wonderful: when Arabs get a chance to chat with Israeli officials, including Israel’s prime minister, their reaction is “uniform”, consisting of “the worst Arabic obscenities” — oh, how proud they must be of themselves!!!

But let’s turn this around and imagine for a moment that Arab officials would try to communicate with ordinary Israelis in Hebrew via Twitter and Facebook, and an Israeli-American professor would note with satisfaction on his blog that the response consisted uniformly of the worst Hebrew obscenities…